Saturday, January 29, 2011

so it's been a while huh?!

Been gone from here for almost an entire year. Seems like it was just the other day. Time really is flying by. It feels like I haven't had time to breath lately, much less blog. But I thought this was cute and y'all might enjoy seeing our newest little one, Miss Hannah Marie, so I added the announcement that I finally made tonight. Hope everyone has a wonderful night and rests well. Off to sleep while the little ones are too! :)

hannah's announcement

Tiny Dressing Birth Announcement
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Sunday, February 7, 2010


Since before Bethany's birthday, she has had a special greeting for Grandpa. She would lean in and give him a head bump hello and when it was time to go, a head bump goodbye. The other day she was "talking" to Pa on the phone and it was time to hang up so Grandpa said, "Give me a head bump" and well, watch the video to see for yourself how it went down.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Locks of Love

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Rebekah and I both had our hair cut in order to donate to Locks of Love. Rebekah had never had her hair cut and as long as she could talk said she "NEVER! Wanted her hair cut." Well, with A LOT of persuading, she did it. She wasn't very happy at first, but thought it was very funny when we went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription for a friend right after getting our hair cut and I couldn't find her (even though we were the only people in the store besides employees and she was 2 steps in front of me.) We laughed about that and then she fooled her brother and daddy at McDonald's that night! It was a nice way to cushion the blow. I was excited about her cutting it, but once she did I have to say I was sad that I had her do it. She looks SO much older now! :( They grow too fast and if I'd know that was going to make her "older" I would have waited longer. Anyway, it's already happened and I'm coping. A little girl will be happy to have some hair one day because of her. (They will be getting 3 pony tails each 10" long from us!) Such a worthy cause and will grow back. right?! ;)

SNOW SNOW and more SNOW!

I can't believe that we are sitting here in the middle of another snow storm this year. I don't think it's snowed this much in the last 5 years combined. :) Right now, as I look outside my front windows it looks like we are living in a snowglobe and someone shook us up! Snowed yesterday morning and then rained most of the afternoon and evening. Woke up this morning and there was a new dusting on the driveway. Now, there is atleast 3 or 4 inches out there. The kids are loving watching it snow and Ethan is ready to go out and play. Maybe tomorrow, or if we get brave enough this afternoon. Bethany is excited about seeing all the snowflakes flying and the birds sitting on the birdfeeder. Rebekah is happy to look out and see the giant snowflakes and see just how deep it is getting. Maybe Bill will take us sledding tomorrow. :) Following are some pictures from the past snow storms!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Well, I knew it had been a while since I'd been on here, but 2 months! WOW!!! Where did the time go? Well, we went to Myrtle Beach for a week. While we were there Bethany decided walking was her preferred method of transportation. After the beach, we had 2 birthdays to celebrate! Unbelievable that Rebekah is 7 and Bethany is already 1!! We have had another fun soccer season. At the 1st game, each of the 3 little Bollanders got hit in the head with the ball. Ethan in the face, Rebekah in the back of the head, and Bethany in the back of the head too. The game came to a S-C-R-E-E-C-H-I-N-G halt when it hit Bethany and there was an audible gasp from both teams too. Bethany looked around as if to say, "What in the world is going on? Why did the kids stop running around chasing that ball and WHY in the world is EVERYBODY staring at me?!" Finally, I waved her hand in the air and said "We're ok!" and the game resumed. There weren't any tears from Bethany, by the way. And once we gave the "I'm good" sign, the game resumed and Bethany was ready to start walking in the field next to the game.

October has come and gone too. Ethan is reading! Can you believe it?! My little boy, reading. I mean reading! His Sunday School teacher came up to me and said, "Ethan is reading! I hold up the memory verse and he just reads it!" I wanted to say, "Why are you so surprised?! He is in kindergarten. Aren't ALL kindergarteners reading?!" :) (Just a bit of sarcasm). Bethany is running throught the house squealing and chasing Rebekah, Ethan, and Daddy-O. Rebekah is about finished with the math curriculum I had for her to use this year, only 2 lessons left. Looks like we need the next level!

I have been bitten by the running (and I use that term very loosly) bug. I woke up one morning and wanted to go for a run. That was a couple of weeks ago and I have been running every other day since then, increasing in time and milage. I'm considering running in the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis November 21. But, I want to be able to do it quickly... under/around 30 minutes. If I can't do that, then I don't really want to sign up. SOOO, all that being said, looks like I need to try to get my run in today! :D It's overcast, and supposed to rain like mad tonight. Maybe I'll just have to go 2 days in a row.

I'll add some new pictures in a bit. Need to get some housework done while things are quiet here. What I really want to do is just crawl into bed and curl up under the covers. Looks like winter outside and it doesn't look like I'm going to be getting much housework done this winter if I cave to this feeling. (What's that song... I can't fight this feeling..deep inside of curl up in my cushy bed and dream?!)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Got to love impressing the neighbors

Got a call the other day from a neighbor asking if I'd be available to babysit her grandson while mom went off to work as a teacher. I thought for a moment that the money would be nice, and then I woke up and realized that adding a 7 month old into our mix probably wouldn't be the wisest thing to do. So, I told her no. :( I think she was disappointed, but I can't please everyone. Anyway, just yesterday I saw her driving down the road and I stopped her to make sure she had gotten a message I left for her. While we were talking, Ethan walked over to the car and started reading a card that came in the mail. The look on her face was PRICELESS! Her jaw dropped and she said, "Can he read?!" I looked at her, smiled and said "Well, it is the 3 week of Kindergarten. Yes, he can read." You would have thought that I told her he could fly. I then told her that he can read a few words but is working very hard and enjoys what he is doing. At that point Rebekah came over and she asked about the grade she was in and I said 2nd and she'll be 7 in September. Again, the look of "Did you just say she had x-ray vision and can melt steel with by looking at it?" She wanted to know if she could do math. I said yes addition and subtraction and beginning algebra (finding the missing number). That made her feel a bit better because she thought division was on tap for her. :) Just before they drove off she grinned and said, "Is she going to Harvard next year?" Well, looks like according to the people around us, we can call ourselves done for the year over here at the Bollander Academy. Guess those extra lessons they were doing is paying off. :D