Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Really, where does the time go?! I remember "little old women" telling me when I was "young", you know like, 30, to "enjoy this time because they grow up so fast." And of course, in the thick of things, I was thinking these ladies have lost their minds, I mean they are "old". Well.... looks like I'm one of them now. I agree with them 100%. They do grow up soooo fast. Bethany turned 6 months old on Sunday. Unbelievable! She had a very busy day too. 1st time in the nursery at church, she rolled over in the crib after her nap at church, she sat straight up on the couch while watching this furry 4 legged creature walk past her. SIGH. She's so big! A super sweetie too. I feel so blessed to have her as my baby, just wish she'd stay little awhile longer. =)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It finally came...

We have waited and waited, been teased more than once this year, and Sunday night, March 1st, it finally made it to Richmond, the snow that is. We rushed home from our trip to Oma and Grandpa's mountain house Sunday afternoon to beat the winter weather and boy am I glad we made it! We woke up Monday morning to about 7 inches of snow! :) Rebekah and Ethan were so excited it was hard to keep them inside until 8:30. They were in and out all day long and were exhausted by the early evening. Everyone in our house was asleep by 8:45 that night! Just another good thing about a snow day, everyone goes to bed early! I LOVE SNOW! (At least this type of snow that is here at the beginning of the week, but by Sunday it should be gone because the high is forcasted to be in the 70's.) Crazy Virginia weather!

The Past Few Weeks...

Two weekends ago we went to North Carolina to visit with Granny and the gang down there and to meet Miss Sarah Carrol Phelps and her Mama Beth for the first time. Michael and his family drove from Louisiana to visit with everyone up north and we thought we'd better run down for a few days to see that precious baby girl. The "Big Guys" had a great time, but little Miss Bethany struggled, not feeling well most of the time we were down there. :( Oma and I decided to drive home Sunday night after Bethany was down for the night, which meant we didn't leave until after 8pm. We made the right choice for the whole group because all 5 of our passengers were asleep 15 minutes after we left and slept the whole trip home. Now some of you are saying, "Hmmmm, when did she have 2 more children?" We haven't been out of touch that long and I still only have 3. Chad flew down with his 2 children on Saturday, but wasn't able to take them home because of a mechanical problem (something about no brakes) and the weather wasn't very good. He flew through HEAVY snow on the way home and the temp was just about freezing, not a good mix if you are flying. Anyway, we made the long haul home and although we were tired like you couldn't believe Monday, we made the trip non-stop! AMAZING!!!

This past weekend we made a much shorter trip, to Nelson County VA, to "Oma and Grandpa's house in the mountains". It was a long awaited trip. We hadn't been there since last May and what a difference there was! The house looks finished to me, but I know they are still working hard each week. It is awesome! Can't wait to get back up there.