Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Little Big Girl

Bethany has a tooth! She's been working soooo hard on getting that first one in and she's done it. I could feel those sharp daggers about a week ago pushing through and today I saw it!!! Now, if she'll only keep her tongue out of the way so I can snap a picture of it. I saw the other day Ethan's 6 month picture and he had 2 little teeth sticking up. Couldn't tell when Rebekah's came in but Bethany's decided to make their official apperance on her 7 month birthday! Happy Birthday!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

check out this blog

My friend Miriam is one super saving chick. I think I can call her a chick, because she's so young. And I guess that makes me an old hen. Anyway, she has an open giveaway that she is drawing for tomorrow at noon. Take a look at it and enter if you'd like. There are 3 ways to enter and they are super simple, tell her your cleaning schedule, post the info on facebook or your blog, and finally tell her what type of laundry detergent you use and why. The giveaway is a book, that would be awesome for me to have (especially if it works just by reading it), is called More Hours in a Day. Anyway, check her out at She's got it together!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sports Headlines

6-year-old girl hits homer!

4-year-old boy throws 1 kid out a first and tags another out at 3rd!

Both get a chance to play pitcher! They were amazing!!

Busy day at the T-Ball field! :) Y'all come on out and watch sometime. I'll post the revised schedule once we get it.

Ethan rides a 2 wheeler!!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let the Games Begin!!!

Well, we all knew the day would come when the Bollander children would be out on the baseball field. That day arrived on April 4th at Opening Day for Varina Little League. Rebekah and Ethan are both proud members of the Advanced T-Ball Athletics! They have had a great time at the games they've played (3 so far) and are so proud of themselves. They are working hard, having fun and are so stinkin' cute in their uniforms. (what more can you ask for?)
Bethany loves going to the games, so much to see and so many people to entertain. :)

And The Race Is On

Rebekah and Ethan participated in the AWANA Grand Prix a few weeks ago. They sanded, painted and put numbers on wooden race cars during classtime. (When I was in AWANA, we were given a block of wood and some wheels and told to make our own cars. Thankfully Daddy was handy or I'm pretty sure I would have had the least areodynamic car ever made. So much for feul economy, right?!) Anyway, I thought it was a hoot that both Ethan and Rebekah put the number 34 on their cars. Anybody guess why?! Well, the numbers are significant to 2 "old" family members and they will be changing again all too quickly. ;) They both told us about the numbers with grins on their faces. Ethan said, "Mama, I put your number on my car!" How sweet is that? I'm just glad he didn't put 90 or something. They had a great time at the race. Ethan's car was so fast that it took flight in the last race for the Cubbies. Why did it go so fast you ask. According to Ethan, "The harder you sand the faster the car will go. I think mine will go really fast because I rubbed it really hard!" Rebekah's car was also fast, but thankfully it didn't sprout wings. Both of them were in the finals for their club! Way to go!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bethany and the Solids

We began to think that Bethany might need to eat some cereal when she kept shoving her fist and fingers into her mouth. So, we gave it a try and here's how it turned out.