Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Miss Bethany

Well, that little booger is 8 months old and is trying her best to get those legs and arms working together to move around. She can sit herself up from laying on her belly and has been rolling (front to back and back to front)like a mad woman for months now. She can twist around in a circle while sitting up so she can see what is going on around her at all times. She is the first of our children to enjoy being alone. Maybe it's because it doesn't really happen that often. :) Right now she is sitting in the pack-n-play playing with toys while the "Big Guys" are outside playing in "Chips Ahoy" (the new pirate ship pool we have). Anyway, for lunch today Little Miss Bethany had a few stewed potatoes, an itty-bitty tea-niney piece of meatloaf, and a couple of pieces of toast crust. Then of course she didn't want the "baby food" that I was offering. Looks like we won't have to serve that stuff much longer. She just wants what everyone else is eating. HMMMM....guess everyone else will have to start liking good stuff so she will have a chance to enjoy real food.