Monday, July 27, 2009

A Busy Day

Today wasn't just another busy day at home. Oh no, we had some excitement. Today was the first day of another school year! Ethan started Kindergarten, Rebekah started 2nd grade, and Bethany is along for the ride. We also went and ordered Rebekah's glasses. (Something she has been looking forward to for a while now.) Also, on the first day of 2nd grade and the day we ordered her glasses, Rebekah lost her first tooth! We knew it had to happen sooner or later, but with the big tooth almost all the way in, I really wasn't sure it was gonna come out. With a gentle tug from Oma, out popped "Whitey". He is securely placed under Rebekah's pillow right now and it will probably be hard for the kids to go to sleep. We must wait for the tooth fairy!!! Rebekah was quite the trooper during the tooth pulling. A few tears before (fear of the unknown) and a few after (trauma from Oma ripping a part of her out.) It was literally hanging by 1 tiny piece. :) Now hopefully the rest will loosen up and fall out quickly. Now for a tough question.... Do we tell her about the tooth fairy? Or do we leave it up to their imaginations? Ethan had some pretty imaginative ideas about how the tooth fairy knows where to go [She has a tooth shaped computer that tells her.]; where she lives [In a white tooth house or maybe it's a house made of teeth.] It was so sweet to see how excited Ethan was for Rebekah. I LOVE IT! He wanted to see the tooth, to hold it, to tell everyone he saw that his sister had lost her first tooth! :D Rebekah's only wish was that her other tooth wasn't in yet so she could have a real hole! :( Lord willing, she'll get that wish with her top teeth. Ethan really seemed to enjoy school. He was eager to do his work. He worked hard and did excellently. He is so proud of himself and told me today, "I am ready to read." Then he proudly announced to Grandpa "I already know how to add and subtract." Which is true! He is quite the little fellow. God has truly blessed us with wonderful children. (Who are upstairs right now playing instead of sleeping, so off to set them straight! A mother's work is never done! :D ) Bethany's accomplishments: crawling around like a woman on a mission; eating pretty much whatever I give her; grapes, green beans, potatoes, apple, black eye peas, noodles, cheese ravioli, cheerios (this is very unusual for Bollander children and to be honest I LOVE IT!!); pulling up and then letting go (and staying up for at least 20 seconds.) Sad to say that I don't think it will be long before that little one is walking around. I had wanted this one to "act" like a baby for a while, but she is just like the others and likes to do things quickly. Now, if she'll just start sleeping a bit better at night.... ah, sleep. One day I'll be able to sleep again and I'll be missing getting up with her I know, so I'll try to enjoy this moment and not wish for the next.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ethan the Comedian

Tonight as I was putting the kids in the bed, there was a discussion started and ended by the Rebekah and Ethan about wanting more kids in our family. Ethan was hoping at first to have 6 kids. Then we'd get to have 2 beds in each bedroom. From there it was all downhill. Then they wanted to have 9 kids, then 12, then Ethan comes up with an outrageous idea...."What if every time you burped you shot out a baby!?" (His EXACT words!) That sent me and them into hysterics! I know, crazy to encourage that kind of humor, but hey it was late and honestly funny the way he said it. Then he said "We'd have sooo many Mama!" Not wanting to be out done by her younger brother, Rebekah thought we could make machine like me and it would have a lever on it. We would be able to pull down the lever, make a burp, and spit out another baby. (All of that are pretty much her exact words! I only had to make it fit me telling the story and not her.) After all that I said, guess I'll never burp again, immediately followed by, you guessed it a burp, which sent the kids into hysterics again. (oh, in case you were baby!) And I wonder why it's hard for them to go to sleep. Anyway, now you know what we do just before bed, right after prayers. :) NEVER a dull moment.

My Mama is going to be so embarrassed by this... I raised you better than this, or at least I thought so. :) Sorry Mama!! I Love ya!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Too Cute

Today I was sitting at the computer doing some work and heard from the other room, Rebekah reading a history textbook I picked up, for free at the homeschool convention, to Bethany. It was great information about the Statue of Liberty was clearly being presented to Miss Bethany and then there was info about the White House and at that point I think Bethany had had enough because she began squealing and Rebekah decided to hop into "the cage" with her and play. Love some girl time. :)

Where was Ethan during all this you ask? Well we had a shift change at nap/rest time today. The girls took a nap from oh, 1030-100 and then it was Ethan's turn. He just rolled out of the bed about 15 minutes ago. Usually it's a shift change with bigs and little, but not today, girls and boy. :)

Virginia Beach Pictures

Here is a montage of our pictures from Virginia Beach. Hope you enjoy! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Most kids when they go on vacation want a souvenir to take home with them. Well our kids got more than they (and we as parents) bargained for. For starters, Bethany got her 2 front teeth. :) NOW what are we gonna get her for Christmas? Under the bed in our hotel room, Ethan found a bouncy ball that lights up. According to him, it is THE best thing ever. Rebekah walked away with the best souvenir of them all, a personalized bracelet, courtesy of Virginia Beach General Hospital. Bill and Rebekah made a late night trip to the ER for tummy troubles. They spent 4 hours waiting to find out that they couldn't tell conclusively what the problem was. They did give her some medicine and it seemed to work. She also came home with a fever, which she is still battling. All three of the kids got some sort of eye gook while we were there too. Seemed like we were battling sickness after sickness.

Just when you think that's enough... Bill woke up this morning with the eye gook and congestion, a sore throat, and ear ache. Ahhhh, vacation. Next time, I think I'll bring some extra cash and buy tee shirts for everyone or something. What do ya think?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Another First.. The Beach

So hard to believe that a month has already passed since I last posted. Time really does seem to fly by faster and faster. We are sitting in our hotel room at Virginia Beach enjoying some family time. Bethany LOVES the beach. I think we will be in trouble when she gets totally mobile. She LOVES the ocean and almost jumped out of my arms to get into the pool this morning. (I think she thought it was a giant bathtub.) :) Rebekah and Ethan were so excited to be here that they couldn't hardly get to sleep last night. They are about to hit the beach again while I get Bethany ready for bed. Rebekah has been boogie boarding and Ethan has been out over his waist jumping waves, a HUGE change from the first few times we took him to the beach. I remember the 1st time we took him to Myrtle Beach, he was 16 months old and SO afraid of the ocean it was absolutely adorable. He loved to run along the shore (north and south) and we'd let him ruuuuuuuun as far as "he'd like" to the north because there was a small "river" running back into the ocean that he would NOT cross (maybe 2 hotels up the beach). An elderly couple was very concerned about us letting this tiny little fellow run so far ahead of us, especially since we didn't seem too troubled by it. On one lap up the beach, they said you'd better hurry up or he's going to get away from you. I laughed and said, "No way! He'll stop riiiight..." and he did stop right at that moment. :) I'll add pictures when I get them on the computer. We are having a terrific time and are looking forward to our annual September beach trip.