Saturday, August 22, 2009

Got to love impressing the neighbors

Got a call the other day from a neighbor asking if I'd be available to babysit her grandson while mom went off to work as a teacher. I thought for a moment that the money would be nice, and then I woke up and realized that adding a 7 month old into our mix probably wouldn't be the wisest thing to do. So, I told her no. :( I think she was disappointed, but I can't please everyone. Anyway, just yesterday I saw her driving down the road and I stopped her to make sure she had gotten a message I left for her. While we were talking, Ethan walked over to the car and started reading a card that came in the mail. The look on her face was PRICELESS! Her jaw dropped and she said, "Can he read?!" I looked at her, smiled and said "Well, it is the 3 week of Kindergarten. Yes, he can read." You would have thought that I told her he could fly. I then told her that he can read a few words but is working very hard and enjoys what he is doing. At that point Rebekah came over and she asked about the grade she was in and I said 2nd and she'll be 7 in September. Again, the look of "Did you just say she had x-ray vision and can melt steel with by looking at it?" She wanted to know if she could do math. I said yes addition and subtraction and beginning algebra (finding the missing number). That made her feel a bit better because she thought division was on tap for her. :) Just before they drove off she grinned and said, "Is she going to Harvard next year?" Well, looks like according to the people around us, we can call ourselves done for the year over here at the Bollander Academy. Guess those extra lessons they were doing is paying off. :D

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Reba Weaver said...

I am so proud of Rebekah & Ethan! They are doing very well on their school work. Mommy you're a very good teacher. It won't be long until Bethany will be learning from Rebekah & Ethan!! I think it was very wise to tell that lady no to keeping her children. You alreday ahve a full time job and are doing very well at it! I'm also proud of Scott & Lori for the love and time they give to little miss sydni! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!