Sunday, February 7, 2010


Since before Bethany's birthday, she has had a special greeting for Grandpa. She would lean in and give him a head bump hello and when it was time to go, a head bump goodbye. The other day she was "talking" to Pa on the phone and it was time to hang up so Grandpa said, "Give me a head bump" and well, watch the video to see for yourself how it went down.


Reba Weaver said...

HOW PRECIOUS!!!!!!! Thank you for posting that!

One of the Wassenbergs said...

Hi Mrs. Bollander,

I know this is just a little bit random, but...

I wanted to leave a comment on your blog saying congratulations on the new pregnancy!!! I saw you at the homeschool convention, but I didn't want to ask if you were pregnant and then find out you weren't...

Anyways, congratulations to all of you!

Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber Wassenberg :)